Staying Polished with OPI

I've recently landed my dream job as a Digital Director for OPI — and any girl worth her manicure knows that OPI is the most trusted, trendsetting, beloved nail lacquer brand in the world ... literally.  My days are filled with creative people, digital innovation, media genius, and lots and lots of color.  I couldn't be happier.

As they say, do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life.  What I will do, however, is have a constant stream of fashionista fabulosity to share with all of you.  And you damn well better believe I'll snap a few pictures of my latest mani wrapped around the barrel of a Glock from time to time.  I wouldn't be FMF if I didn't.

Get the Look
Style: Ruffian
Collection: Brazil
Colors: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around + Where Did Suzi's Man-go?
Where to Buy: Ulta and

Beautiful Blueprints ... Bolt Guns & Revolvers

One of my besties forwarded me a link this morning, knowing I would fall instantly in love with what I found ... and I did.  I recently moved into a new house that I absolutely adore, and am still making finishing touches like wall art and creative elements.


What is more beautiful that the inner workings of an Ithaca shotgun or the M-16? Or, for non-gun enthusiasts, the Gibson Guitar or Sting Ray sports car?  I've always thought that blueprints had a mysterious, vintage beauty, complex and delicate at once.  Such a clever, hot, modern idea to make them art.

View the entire blueprint collection on ... another constant favorite.

Thrilled by Thrillist

I've always been a big fan of Jeff Miller at, mostly because of his awesome local tips and incredible tastebuds. Now I have an even bigger reason to like him -- he just gave me props for my own tastebuds in his latest article, The 14 Best Brunches in Los Angeles.

He was even smart ... er ... gracious enough to link to my own article about one of his best brunch choices, Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood.  Cheers to you, Jeff, and to everyone who reads your article.  Make sure to have a mimosa for me.

THIS is Vegan?!

Okay. So. You know I love my cheeseburgers, foie gras, and sushi. But when a friend recently went on a vegan kick just to challenge herself and cleanse her body of dairy, I decided to join her.  You know.  For fun.

I am lucky enough to live around the corner from Crossroads, a fine dining vegan restaurant on Melrose in Los Angeles.  I have to tell you, if this is what it means to be vegan, I'm on board.

Lasagna made with cashew cheese.  Spaghetti squash that has renewed my love of the vegetable.  Crabs cakes made from hearts of palm and artichokes.  Delicious, fresh, rich, unique dishes delicious in their own right, not masquerading as anything else but yummy.

And I felt much better after devouring this platter, I have to tell you.  My own homemade pasta marinara with meatballs is still my fave, but for a change and something healthy, Crossroads is killer.

Being a Stiletto Gal

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Hillary Gadsby of Stiletto Gal, a company that approaches female entrepreneurship from the perspective of a girl's well worn, hard working, always stylish stilettos.  Clearly the two of us would become fast friends.

Hillary approached me to talk about my own experience as a fierce female entrepreneur equally enamored of my footwear, and invited me to do so on camera, for the first episode of a television series based on her company.  As I taught Hillary the basics in the fantastic, brilliantly appointed training facility Covered 6 in Los Angeles, we discussed the things that drew me to firearms.

Empowerment.  Skill.  Precision.  Dedication.  Awareness.  Focus.  All key tools for life and business.  It was an eye-opening, incredibly rewarding opportunity for both of us, and I am crazy excited to see what the finish product looks like when it all comes together.

Of course, then we got outdoors and my inner badass came out to play.  In four inch heels, natch.

Zombies Are Hotties Too

I love guns.  And bacon.  And stilettos. You all know this.

Well, what you might not know is that I am obsessed with zombies.  So much so that I joined the Run For Your Lives Zombie 5K in SoCal for the second year in a row ... only this time, instead of being chased by the walking dead, I became the walking dead.

In the black of night, on a remote bike race track in San Bernadino, California, I lumbered after, scared, and chased hundreds of bewildered, exhausted, muddy runners in pursuit of one of their three red flags, representing each runner's life.  The goal?  Get the flags.  Eat their brains.

Naturally, my friend Katie and I decided that as an added distraction, we'd dress as hot nurse zombies.  Who's going expect a chase from a girl in a skimpy nurse costume?  I love being underestimated.

By the way, our little plan worked.  In fact, we were such a hit we were doing photo ops for most of the day ... and night.  We even wound up on Instagram after braving a meal at In & Out still in-costume.  

Who says girlie girls can't have badass, crazy, messed up, ridiculous hobbies? 
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