Chicks With Guns

My good friends know that my chickness very much goes hand in hand with my love of guns, so it's a no-brainer that several of them alerted me to Lindsay McCrum's recent photo book, Chicks With Guns, a cultural portrait of women gun owners in the U.S., the moment it was released.

Photo taken from the Chicks With Guns website.
I have to tell you, the book took my breath away.  Not just because it features stunning images of this remarkable country and its even more remarkable collection of women gun owners (there are 15 - 20 million of us, by the way), but simply because the book itself exists.  Half the point of my blog is to speak to that woman who might not be a cop or a solider, and who doesn't fit the mold of what so many people assume a gun-toting chick must be.

There is no template.  There is no stereotype.  Read the book.  We share a history with guns as rich as men's, we cross all levels of society, we spring from diverse political and regional backgrounds, we shoot for any number of reasons, and we are all, invariably, chicks.

For the record, if I had been born in the Wild West, the photo above would have most definitely been me.


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