Dessert at The Del

Southern California + Winter Months ÷ Heat Lamps = Outdoor Dining any time you like.  This is crap math, but who cares.  You get the point.

Using said crap math, I recently headed down to San Diego with the express plan to visit and grab some beach bites with my good friend Holly, at one of my favorite places on earth: Hotel del Coronado.  (For the record, there's nothing quite like a seaside table and an ocean view cheerfully interrupted by holiday ice skaters.  God love this fine state.)

CHEESECAKE FLIGHT:  Classic Vanilla, Pumpkin Pie, Malted French Milk Chocolate.

We stopped in for lunch at Sheerwater, one of several eateries at the Del.  The lamb sliders, jumbo shrimp cocktail and bloody marys were fantastic, but the desserts were stupid ridiculous shut-the-hell-up awesome.  And really all I remember ... er, cared about.  A sugar cookie marlin, are you kidding me? 

Don't hate me for my awesome life.  Just move here.

COBBLER FLIGHT:  Granny Smith Apple, Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb (which was the best).


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