Fill Up at Ford's

I love seared fois gras.  I also love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich (really, who doesn't?).  The point is, complicated high-end food is great, but so is simple food.  And sometimes, just because it's simple, it's almost better.

That's the vibe at Ford's Filling Station, an über-hip gastropub with a menu that boasts not only haute cuisine — Bleu Affinè and Humboldt Fog cheeses, cured meats, Moroccan lamb and truffle mascarpone polenta cake — but genius comfort foods like deviled eggs and brioche french toast.  I mean, deviled eggs?  It's like a plate of childhood, it's a picnic, it's so smart it's almost cheating.

TIDBITS: Deviled Eggs with Marash Pepper.  BITS: Bacon-Wrapped Dates.
On top of this, Ford's sits on Culver Boulevard in Culver City, a street packed with other trendy restaurants, therefore making it ripe for people watching.  A seat on the patio with one of their clever cocktails is a favorite place to spend a weekend afternoon, and it's a must when friends visit from out of town.

Oh, and Harrison Ford's son owns it.  Done and done.

LIBATIONS: Sierra Madre - Partido Blanco Tequila, fresh lime juice, organic agave nectar.


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