Guns and Doughnuts

The night I broke in my shiny new Glock 19, no less than three men asked if I were LAPD.  Perhaps it was my skill with the weapon, perhaps it was the fact that Glocks are so popular among law enforcement, or perhaps it was both of these things that, along with my black tee and boots, made me appear a badge-wearing badass.

Whatever the reason, it was cool.  I walked out of the range with a new, peculiar sense of authority ... and an inexplicable craving for doughnuts.  Mind you, I find doughnuts magical all by themselves, but I ate three Krispy Kremes that night, and the sugar rush on top of the shooting adrenalin was a fantastical mix of awesome.

I'm convinced this should be studied at the university level. The cops are on to something.


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