Staying Neutral

My love of shopping is really rather famous (okay, infamous).  But I can't help it — I love beautiful things.  And fashion, to me, is an ever-evolving form of beauty.  It's wearable art (that's what I tell myself when I get my AmEx bill).

My love of color is equally famous, but on a recent stroll through Nordstrom, I reaffirmed my love affair with neutrals.  

MARC JACOBS "Wellington" Goatskin Leather  Satchel  — $1295 

JIMMY CHOO "Koko" Piped Platform Sandals  — $1150

There are tons of neutrals to choose from this season, each one unique, versatile, stunning.  That's the point of a neutral — to anchor or complete.  These four bone-colored neutrals were my favorites and any one of them would make an outfit.

Of course, buying all of them would make several outfits (and break my wallet...).

HAUTE HIPPIE Dress — $398
TRACY REESE Lambskin Leather Jacket — $875


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