What's Your Shopstyle?

Before there was Pinterest, there was Shopstyle.  And Shopstyle, for those not in-the-know, is basically Pinterest for Fashionistas.

Shopstyle lets you shop for fashion items & specific designers and find discounts across all retailers at once.  It's like a magical moving magazine, allowing you to browse, keep a Style Book and get sale alerts from your favorite stores.  There's even a crazy cool iPhone app (no Android yet).  Below is my Style Book.  As you can see, I'm into nude stiletto boots and yellow things right now.

No more running to fifteen stores to see who has the best little black dress (unless you want to).  Instead, get a preview at Shopstyle, narrow down your options, and then buy online or hit the brick & mortar.  It's fun and you save gas.

Yup.  Shopstyle saves gas.  That should be their new tag line.


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