Love, a Goddess

I love this dress.  I love that it's blush pink, I love the Grecian draping, I love the short hem and sleeves, and I love that it is, in fact, called The Goddess Dress.

The Goddess Dress by Alice and Olivia, $297, from Saks Fifth Avenue.
I also love the designer, Alice and Olivia, as they are famous for this kind of fresh, flirty, feminine style.  What's more?  I absolutely looove Saks Fifth Avenue for their unbelievably awesome video feature, which allows you to see the dress in motion, on a model, giving life to the fabric and helping shape my 3-D perspective of the garment.  It's genius.

Do you hear that Neiman Marcus?  Bloomingdales?  Nordstrom?  I love you too, but you're slacking.


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