Friday Night Bites

I'm a big fan of school-night shenanigans to spice things up and keep weekends from feeling like my only outlet for spontaneity.  That said, there's nothing quite like a traditional Friday night cocktail with a good friend and a great meal to cap off a long five days at the office.

As for traditions, I seem to have fallen into a perfect one with my darling friend Matthew ... one that is made all the richer in that it last fell on a Friday.

RAY'S & STARK BAR: Kusshi Oysters.
The deets: LACMA's outdoor patio, under heat lamps at Stark Bar, with an olive platter, two orders of oysters (they're delicious, but tiny), and signature drinks made with my favorite single-malt Scotch on the planet: Laphroaig.  If you're a Scotch fan who hasn't yet tried Laphroaig, it's full of peat and tastes like liquid campfire (a very good thing).  Add a splash of honey and citrus peel like they do at Stark's, and it is elevated to genius-level mixology.

RAY'S & STARK BAR: Smokey and the Bandit Cocktail.
Really, what makes this little tradition so fabulous is that it's so ridiculously Los Angeles.  No matter the time of year, the weather is immaterial, the sky is clear, the people are fascinating, and everything tastes delicious.  I slide into Saturday feeling relaxed, refreshed, and privileged to be spending so much money on rent and taxes just to enjoy the luxury.


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