Good Enough to Eat

There are few things better than brunch.  Except maybe Sunday brunch.  The lazy hours, the indulgence, the luxurious anticipation that makes even the most go-go New Yorker stop to breathe, dismiss the wait and enjoy the company, weather, or both, and then happily overpay for eggs.

GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT: Special Scrambled, with red onion, tomatoes and fresh dill.
On my latest trip to the Big Apple I was introduced to Good Enough to Eat, a cozy comfort-food cafe on the upper west side of Manhattan.  There's nothing complicated here: omelettes, scrambles, pancakes, grits, hash.  But what stuns is the quality — many dishes are served with delicious little biscuits and homemade strawberry butter.  The combo is simple genius.  And the eggs are perfectly cooked, still loose and creamy as they were meant by God to be.

Steph (you must know her by now) and I split an order of pancakes and the Special Scramble — a light, fluffy tumble of onions, tomatoes and dill.  It was almost like summer on a plate, and something I would head back to Amsterdam and 83rd for in a heartbeat.

GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT: Corned Beef Hash.
Then I ordered the corned beef hash.  "Burn it," I told the waitress, and that they did.  Perfectly.  It was chunky and unctuous, utterly unlike the crap I had as a kid (which I loved, and still do), with huge hunks of corned beef mixed with ridiculously yummy fatty pieces, and properly crisped potatoes.  A different take, and one I enjoyed.

The day had a chill but we still ate outside, and therefore waited less that five minutes for a table, marveling at the fools who were willing to wait an hour for a seat in the boisterous dining room.  New Yorkers.  ;)

Honestly, waiting for anything in this place is likely worth it.  I can't wait to go back for lunch.


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