Brunch and Bullets

This past Saturday marked my first official FMF Deuce: a day of brunch and bullets with my dear friend Mark.  As with many of my friends, the sight (and stories) of a girlie girl like me falling so in love with firearms has taken some of the negative mystique out of the hobby, making room for a healthy and intellectual curiosity on Mark's part.  Naturally, I was giddily obliging when he asked me to take him to the range (and by obliging, I mean I've been trying to drag him for months).

The patio at TART on Fairfax.
First things first: the food.  We met for brunch at Tart, across from the Farmer's Market on Fairfax.  We both ordered the California Scramble, because why wouldn't we?  Pico de Gallo, Chicken Andoullie Sausage, Green Chili and Cheddar Cheese, topped with sliced avocado and served with crispy potatoes.  All with a cute little biscuit.  And coffee.  Shut up.

The California Scramble.
Really, while the food is yummy, the setting and vibe are an equal draw — with its outdoor patio and shaded booths, it's quintessential California.  And there are usually hot gay men aplenty.  Just a note.

Next, we hopped in the car for a brief trek to Angeles Shooting Range in Sylmar, a great place for gunfire on sunny Saturday ... and, I might add, a good choice for someone new to that gunfire, as I find indoor ranges can be confining, tinny and claustrophoic for new shooters.  The outdoors not only soften the clamor but also provide enough space to allow a newbie to relax and absorb.  Critical.

Learning and loading...
Mark more than absorbed ... he was a natural.  He listened to every instruction, caution, and recommendation, aware of the power he held in his hands and the responsibility attached to it.  Then he tuned out the noise, focused on the target, squeezed the trigger on my gorgeous Glock 19, and nearly matched me shot for shot on the thoracic cavity, as a first time shooter.  Impressive.  (I kicked his ass on head shots, though.  Just sayin). 

ON THE LEFT: Mark's target.  ON THE RIGHT: Mine.  (I'm rusty...)
I've had excellent training both from Tim and my instructors at American Defense Enterprises, and I remember the look of pride when Tim realized that he'd not only found someone else to share his insane passion, but had created a fellow addict.  I now know that feeling, and it's ... well ... addictive.

Eggs + friends + gunpowder = one fine day.

Badass.  :)


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