Guess What's in the Gift Bag?

On a recent stroll through the Westfield Topanga mall (which, in my opinion, features a Nordstrom with the best of all possible dress selections), I ventured beyond my favorite department stores to explore the boutiques on the upper levels.  Happily, I was drawn into Guess by Marciano, on the hunt for the perfect pair of high-heeled camel-colored knee-length leather boots, which they had on sale.  In my size.  The last pair.  Stop it.

As if that magic weren't enough, the three separate clerks who assisted me were not only charming and lovely, but seemed over-the-top in their service.  Being offered cold bottled water as I tried on shoes was fabulous, but the girl who offered it was genuinely friendly, never pushy, and only too happy to let me shop on my own.  Classy.

The kicker, though, was the gift bag that I was handed after picking up the impossibly gorgeous pair of boots and making the girls laugh.  Free Paul Mitchell products, Marciano travel gear, and one darling patent leather tote bag.  I realize it's good business — in me they've made a client for life — but it's still a perk worth sharing. If you've got to spend money, girls, spend it on those who treat you right.


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