Holy Tumbler, Batman!

For any Dark Knight fans out there, you may have already seen the plethora of snapshots and video captured of the Batmobile caravan (the original Adam West classic car, Tim Burton's first Michael Keaton Batmobile, both Joel Schumacher Batmobiles, and Christopher Nolan's Tumbler), randomly on parade through Los Angeles last week, on their way to Bob's Big Boy's Classic Car Friday in Toluca Lake, California.

Well ... I am exquisitely privileged that one of my besties, Tara, was responsible for that caravan, the historic assembly of those remarkable vehicles, and the footage that was captured at Bob's.  I.  Love.  My.  Life.

It is with ridiculous glee that I share a shot of yours truly (snapped by Tara, naturally), taken with my favorite of all the Batmobiles: the badder-than-badass Tumbler.  If this shot isn't Full Metal Fabulous, I don't know what is.

If you'd like to see the collection of all five (plus one badass Smart Car) you can see them here.


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