Molto Italiano ... Part 2

I've already raved about Pizzeria Mozza, and will continue to rave every time I eat there.  Today, though, it's all about the exceptional meal I had with my friend Tony at that other outstanding eatery conceived by genius trio Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich: Osteria Mozza.

While Pizzeria Mozza is all ... well ... pizza and familiar Italian bites and classics, Osteria is vibrant, inspired, a lively twist on traditional Italian.  It's rustic elements such as ridiculously fresh orato or branzino served whole, but also playful plates like Burrata with speck, English peas & mint.  A favorite.

Then there is the bar dedicated entirely to cheese (when you think about it, it's absolutely ridiculous that no one has done this before), plus a wine list to spin your head (yet never disappoint).  Osteria has been around awhile, so I'm breaking no ground here ... but because I blog what I love, and I love this restaurant, I must share the food.  Oh, the food.

FROM THE MOZZARELLA BAR: Burrata — with speck, English peas and mint.
ANTIPASTI: Baby Kale — with pine nuts, ricotta salata & marinated anchovies.
PRIMI: Bucatini all' Amatriciana.
SECONDI: Grilled Whole Orata — wrapped in radicchio with extra virgin olive oil.
SECONDI: Grilled Quail — wrapped in pancetta with radicchio & honey.
DOLCI: Bombolini — huckleberry marmellata & lemon mascarpone.


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