Old School Froyo

So, I'm going to own up right now and say that I've completely hijacked my darling friend Jessica's recent blog subject, froyo, and join her in singing the praises of my favorite place for this so-awesome-it'll-never-stop-being-reinvented culinary joy: Studio Yogurt in Studio City, California.  Why?  It's just freakin delicious.

STUDIO YOGURT: Peanut butter froyo with banana slices and graham cracker crust.
Pinkberry, Yogurtland and Menchies are all fine, yes, and self-serve and all that, but Studio Yogurt is just ... better.  Here, you choose your yogurt.  You choose your toppings.  You have to wait in line and watch them assemble the towers of frozen creamaliciousness right before you, struggling to fit more banana slices or Butterfinger bits or graham cracker crust into the already-bulging container.  It builds anticipation, this wait, and somehow, the yogurt is just so much creamier, and yummier, and more original that you don't mind waiting.

Peanut butter frozen yogurt that tastes like peanut butter.  Chocolate that no, isn't ice cream, but is still beautifully rich.  Carrot cake that doesn't just taste like chemicals + vanilla.  I love this place.  Thank you, Jess, and your fabulous blog Things That She Loves, for reminding me.


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