Developing Fashion Patience ... with DKNY

Occasionally, I have a good idea, and even more occasionally, it pays off.  Like my brilliant decision to develop my personal fashion patience — which I define as holding out on purchasing a must-have item that is out of my budget reality (probably because I've spent too much on bacon or bullets) until it goes on sale.

Now, this doesn't always work — the risk of exercising your fashion patience is that while you wait, your size, or the item itself, sells out.  But quite often, it works ... and even better, the test becomes a veritable challenge, filled with all sorts of excitement and adrenalin, as I hunt down the coordinated pieces of an entire outfit, first seen in a magazine, on a display, or coming down the runway.

Readers, I give you my current challenge: this exquisite ensemble by DKNY, originally put on shelves before the fall holidays.  Red silk blouse, super hot red paillette mini-skirt, and a ridiculously gorgeous red faux fur (the fur will likely never happen, but I can dream).

Stats — I just picked up the skirt, originally $275 at Bloomingdales, on the clearance rack at Macy's for $70.  I'm now on the hunt for the stretch silk blouse, also close to $300 originally, and I guarantee you I'll find it at Nordstrom Rack or Loehmann's if I play my cards right.

Takeaway, girls?  Don't jump the gun when the price tag startles you (I love my own humor).  In both fashion and firearms, sometimes stealth is key.


Anonymous at: December 7, 2012 at 8:52 PM said...

I thought it was sold out but I found one sequined DKNY Paillette Skirt here:

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