Fig & Olive

I often say that one of the reasons I love good food is that I love to travel ... yet a meal is typically less expensive and more accessible than many of the countries I'd like to visit.  When I have a remarkable Indian dish, I feel as if I've been to Bombay.  An incredible moo ping (my favorite Thai dish) is like a trip to Asia.

Fig & Olive Tajine.
Given that philosophy, I took a little trip to Morocco last night via Fig & Olive, a lively Mediterranean eatery on Melrose Place in West Hollywood, led brilliantly by executive chef Pascal Lorange.  It's all open spaces and warm lighting and inviting communal tables (along with cozy private seating too), and its focus is squarely on the fresh, seasonal, spectacular produce one finds in the Mediterranean ... and also happily here in California.

From the olive oil tasting plate to the Imberico ham-wrapped lobster and truffle tart, the cremini mushroom and truffle soup to the authentic-yet-feather-light Tajine, I was delighted.  And I will be back.


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