Fit, Fierce and Female

This photo, ladies and gentlemen, is the embodiment of who I strive to be: fit, fierce, and female.  I came across it while reading an article on Gun Nuts Media (via Girl's Guide to Guns) titled Competence is Sexy, which explores the trending fitness meme strong is the new skinny.  An idea with which I agree.

After all, I am not skinny ... but I am fit, and can kick ass both in a CrossFit class and at the range.  I'm proud of that.

The woman in this picture is impressively fit professional writer, editor, and social media consultant Shelley Rae.  I am drawn to her photo both aesthetically (this is literally what I wear to the range, including that exact pink hat), and idealistically: here is a strong, fit female who not only exudes competence (read her work), but fiercely owns her femaleness.  She's a girl who likes guns ... and heels.  Kindred.

Curiously, in the GNM article comments and beyond, I've come across some concern, even bitterness, about celebrating attractive women who excel at this sport, or highlighting their existence to attract more gun enthusiasts or consumers — but I couldn't disagree more.  I am one of these women, and I might have explored the sport sooner if I'd known there were more fit females like Shelley with whom to identify.

Thing is, while most people alight with surprise when they learn I can hit center thoracic from a thigh holster in .88 seconds at 5-7 yards, there are those who react with something close to distaste — a pretty girl isn't supposed to be able to do that, much less want to.  That's just crap.  Why should my demographic be a legitimate point of concern?  In fact, why are we even having this conversation?

If images like the one above, or blogs like mine, can take some fear out of the idea of responsible firearms training ... "If that girl can do it, so can I!" ... and they encourage more people to accept the fact that fit, strong females are to be applauded, then bring 'em on.  And hallelujah.


God, Gals, Guns, Grub at: June 15, 2012 at 3:35 PM said...

I couldn't agree with you more. As the father of a now sixteen year-old daughter who has been shooting since the age of five and riding dirtbikes since eight... she still likes to be a girl's girl...

I tell folks that we've raised a country gal to want a man in her life, but never need a man in her life... and she can take care of herself.

She's first in her class, she just took first of thirty-eight in the cowboy action match, and she was a leader on the prom committee... yes, I'm proud of her.

She's a great kid, a terrific young woman, and I'm glad she's coming into womanhood with so many role models like Shelley, Julie Golob, and others...

Dann in Ohio

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