Pancakes, Manhattan Beach, and Uncle Bill

Great breakfast food + the beach = unbeatable awesomeness.  That is all.

Okay, that's not all.  In fact, I've got pictures.  Point is, there really is only one way to exceed the fantastic brunch and breakfast options you can find right here in LA (many of which I've already blogged about), and that is to head out of this city to Manhattan Beach, where the weather is perfect, the sand is flawless, and Uncle Bill is cooking bacon and cheddar cheese right into his waffles.

Remember when you were a kid (or last weekend, if you're like me), obsessed with pancakes and sugar and likely indiscriminate with how the maple syrup soaked everything on your plate, including the bacon, creating bites of sweet-salty-savory magic that to this day remain mind-altering?  Yeah.  The cheddar and bacon waffle is kind of like that.  Ridiculous.

Then, of course, there was the bacon, American cheese and onion omelette that, I kid you not, made me cry a little.  Fresh, salty, creamy ... nuts.  I was with a new friend who immediately earned my respect by first ordering something with both onions and bacon in it, and second by helping me consume said omelette, the waffle, and a stack of so-perfect-it's-stupid buttermilk pancakes.  With more syrup.  And butter...

Seriously, Uncle Bill's Pancake House is just terrific breakfast food with a casual beach vibe and views that kill.  I must thank my beautiful friend Jessica for the recommendation to eat here, given that there are so many options in my own city ... but then, there is no beach at Marston's or Blu Jam Cafe, God love them both.  And when you add views like these to any meal, all things being equal, it wins.  Don't argue with me.

After brunch, I took a very short walk down to the exquisite beach and hit the pier, which turned the day from a simple meal into an adventure. And that, my friends, is just plain full metal fabulous.


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