Sleepless (and Sunny) in Seattle

So, I recently became obsessed with Instagram, having deliberately avoided the obsession since they first released the app for Android (I'm at capacity for obsessions).  That said, the tool is, frankly, awesome — so I am delighted to share with you my photo diary of four days in Seattle.  The best features, places, food, and moments Seattle afforded.  Click any photo to scroll through the magic.  :)

1. Downtown Seattle on the harbor — 2. The view from Jo's house — 3. A walk on the beach with Lola — 4. Driftwood on the beach in West Seattle

1. Dinner the first night ... nibbles and wine — 2. Jo's gorgeous girls (this is me and the softer side of fabulous) — 3. Nouveau Bakery — 4. Breakfast ... a pear tart

1. Dinner the second night ... seared salmon and local IPA — 2. Strolling through University Village — 3. Shopping for dinner at Pasta & Co (this scene is so very Seattle) — 4. Fresh pasta


1. Dinner the third night ... Lumaconi — 2. Pike Place Market — 3. Just a sample of the teeming flower stalls — 4 & 5. Pike Place Fish Company, where I saw a man catch a 20lb salmon — 6. The original Starbucks


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