Weeknight Shenanigans

I adore the privileges that come with being an American, but I do not care for the very American habit of waiting to fully celebrate friends, family and life primarily on the weekends.  Too many of us dedicate our work week almost entirely to our practical and professional lives, collapsing in the evenings, and then try to cram five days worth of merriment into two.  It's nuts.

TUESDAY: Dos Equis, Dogs and the Dodgers @ Dodger Stadium.
Having a terrific meal (outside a wonderful sit-down family dinner), a late-night adventure, a fabulous cocktail, or a cultured event shouldn't be relegated to the weekends.  Period.  One of my 2012 resolutions has been to widen my social net and calendar to include not only new people, and also new times.  I can promise you, when you make the time and effort to expand your personal experiences, and take advantage of MTWTF to do it, suddenly the world seems bigger.  More seems possible ... because it is.

This is just a sample of things I've done recently, all during the week.  I confess up front that being child free allows greatly for this flexibility ... and so to my fellow munchkinless peeps, I say you have no excuses.

WEDNESDAY: Art auction and appetizers @ Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in Hollywood.
THURSDAY: Dessert for dinner — cast iron skillet brownie pie @ Mixology 101 at the Grove.
FRIDAY: Prosecco, palm trees and Pacific Theaters, on the patio @ Mixology 101.


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