Asian Tapas, the Best of London

Given that I'm in the UK, a country that differs greatly from the US in its perspective on firearms, the focus this week will most definitely be food (and a bit of fashion, as I'm noticing the Italians are some of the best dressed people in London).  I've been warned that this city does not bode well for a girl accustomed to the culinary genius of LA and New York, but I have to say ... that's just bullocks.

Tonight I was treated to a fantastic meal in Soho at a brand new Asian fusion spot called Tapasia.  I am not exaggerating (I swear, Jess!) when I say that it was one of the best meals I have ever had.  In my life.  My friend Tony raved and insisted we eat here, and now I know why — perfect plates of fresh fish, deeply flavorful vegetables, rich and tangy sauces, and some of the best tempura I've ever eaten.  Onions should only ever be fried like these.

As the two of us gobbled plate after plate of ginger-miso Chilean seabass, Scottish scallops with vegetable fondue, smoky chili prawns, grilled aubergine with yogurt hummus, salmon tartare on crispy Gyoza skin, tender beef skewers with tarragon sauce, and Japanese omelettes with squid and bonito flakes, we literally marveled at how such remarkable food could come on such small plates, so consistently outstanding, dish after dish after dish.  It didn't hurt that each plate was half price to celebrate the restaurant's opening (or maybe it did hurt, because we got greedy and ate too much).

The vibe at Tapasia is also worth mentioning, given its trendy Soho locale, English-style downstairs bar and bright, airy upstairs dining room.  The place is tight but open, with lots of windows, a ridiculously friendly waitstaff, and killer cocktails.  I'm a gin girl, and the Tapasia Pink Gin with hibiscus syrup was crazy refreshing.

When in London ... go Asian.  Sincerely.  Fish and Chips are fantastic (I plan to eat some tomorrow), but for  traveling foodies looking to try something new, you can't miss in this place.  It was worth the ten hour flight just for that damned eggplant.


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