Love This Look: Edgy Femme

I'm not a matchy-matchy girl.  In fact, I hate anything too perfect (unless it's Chanel).  I prefer mixing looks, juxtaposing boho against tailored, matching inexpensive anchor pieces with luxe accessories ... you get the idea.  

Among my favorite styles is mixing soft, feminine lines with heavy, edgy ones — my signature look.  A great dress with boots is always sexy, and goes from day to night without effort.  With summer coming, I'm also crazy nuts about aqua and white, pulled together with a neutral.  And, um ... I think I've just talked myself into buying this entire outfit.  ;)

Yes, the price tag on this exact look may be prohibitive for some, but as I've blogged before, sometimes the challenge is splurging on key pieces (the dress or the boots), and having fun treasure-hunting affordable options for the rest of the ensemble.  Which piece would you splurge on?


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