Saint Honoré Cake

This Monday morning, I give you something as beautiful as it is delectible: the St. Honoré cake, a gorgeously classic French dessert made from a magical ring of pâte à choux, lightened pastry cream and caramelized cream puffs.  As a chocolate freak, I can honestly say I'd be willing to forego cocoa for this thing almost permanently.  You just don't understand.  It's a textural confectionery dream ... like sinking your fork into a cloud made of sugar, interrupted only by buttery, flaky, crunchy caramel nuggets of joy.

This particular St. Honoré cake is from Le Petit Four ... a darling little French bistro in Sunset Plaza along Sunset Boulevard.  Coffee plus a piece of this cake makes an afternoon, completes the perfect evening, and unites enemies.  I'm serious.  Who can hate anybody over something this pretty?

As pâte à choux really only sounds more complicated than it actually is, my goal is to attempt making one of these cakes myself and share the results (or mess) here.  Great thing is, if I screw it up I can just use it for target practice.  Everybody wins.


NavyOne at: June 18, 2012 at 10:52 PM said...

Delicious, I'll take one too!

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