Umami Burger & Delicatessen

They say Umami is the fifth taste.  I just say it's delicious ... and I'm not alone, given the popularity of the Umami Restaurant Group, with its many successfully jam-packed Umami Burger locations all over California.

Probably my favorite among their offerings is UMAMIcatessen — or as they say, their "...idea of what a deli should be."  Cured meats, kick-ass burgers, unique sides with homemade condiments like Jalapeño Ranch and Diablo sauce, a section called "Fried Snacks" (that's just awesome), and of course, sugar.

The space is open and airy with a long communal bar — one of my favorite decor trends in California restaurants.  My good girlfriend Carrie and I sat there for three hours, drinking cocktails and some of the best iced green tea I've ever had.  I'm serious.  It's just green tea.  How do they make it so freaking spectacular?  Oh, who cares.  I had about nine gallons of the stuff.

We both shared a pickle plate, full of unusual elements like shiitake mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, all lovely.  We split a beet salad and the Stilton & Caramelized Onion Burger, which was umami at its finest.  And then, oh heaven, we split a selection of doughnuts: Fois Gras, German Chocolate, and Beignets with coffee caramel sauce.

The best of the bunch was actually the Tres Leches doughnut that mysteriously came compliments of the management (I just love being a girl).  On the whole, it's a great downtown spot for a foodie.  I plan to eat my way through the burger list and report back on the P!GG Style Fries with pickled peppers, ham purée and brainaise.  Yes, brainaise.  I'm a little frightened, but when the hell has that ever stopped me?


Carrie Lynn Barker at: June 15, 2012 at 6:40 PM said...

Ridiculous! And love mysterious freebies. ;)

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