Batmobiles & Boots

When I locked myself out of my house several months ago, I had no idea it would turn out to be so serendipitous.  Nor did I realize my choice of clothing that morning would also prove stunningly appropriate  as both actions led me to this photo:

Me, on a Warner Bros. sound stage, standing before five ridiculously famous Batmobiles, posing while a studio executive took my picture.  It was a set, a day, and a dream designed entirely by my remarkable friend Tara Tremaine, whose genius idea it was to film a documentary about the history of the Batmobile as the final film in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy hit production.  She's amazing.

She's also in possession of spare keys to my house, and had I not locked myself out that day, I might not have been invited to the lot to retrieve them.  How was I to know that a sleek black top and killer black boots would look so fitting next to the Tumbler and the Joel Schumacher masterpieces?  Not sure if I'm channeling Catwoman or Batgirl here, but it was badass timing all the way around.

BTW — if you haven't seen the Batmobile documentary special that debuted at Comic-Con last week and aired on the CW last night, you can read about it on MSNBC (and view a clip).  The full doc will be featured on the Blu-ray around the holidays ... and I can hardly wait. 

Be warned: you're going to get chills.  I was there and I've still got them.


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