Brunch at (Ben) Ford's

I've blogged before about Ford's Filling Station, and I've blogged about brunch ... my favorite meal of the day.  Naturally, this post was inevitable: a vignette of the perfect California Sunday morning (which would do nicely on a Saturday too), complete with deviled eggs, brisket hash, and a damn fine Bloody Mary.

Ford's Cure-All Bloody Mary is served with house-made spicy tomato juice, with the option to swap the vodka for jalapeño-infused tequila blanco ... and why wouldn't you want to?  The fresh lime juice and spicy horseradish make this particular Bloody Mary a favorite, and I can't think of a better way to start a morning (or cure a hangover).

Next, eggs.  And not the scrambled kind.  I was with a friend, Erica, new both to LA and to Ford's, so I naturally had to force the deviled eggs upon the girl.  She didn't mind.  In fact, her eyes nearly popped after the first bite.  "How can a little egg be so awesome?"  Because Indiana Jones' son made it.  That's why.

After an app of eggs, we had proper ones.  Sunny-side up, on top of beef brisket hash.  It's just what it sounds like, brilliantly seasoned, and somehow ... light.  That's not what you'd imagine of a hash, pretty much ever.  But the fluffy eggs, runny yolks, tumble of frisée and proper portion size made this dish savory, fresh and the perfect shareable.  Amazing.

Brunch ain't brunch without sugar, and don't think I skipped it just because I'd had two serving of eggs.  My usual favorite, the brioche French toast, had been updated with challah — now, possibly the only bread on the planet more incredible than brioche is challah, so I was totally on board.

Whipped crème fraîche and blueberry compote were less sweet than I remembered, and therefore perfect.  No syrup required.  Again, the dessertesque dish was delightfully shareable as we sat on the patio and watched the boring dolts at Tender Greens trying to enjoy their salads.

Don't get me wrong, I love me a good salad.  And I love Tender Greens.  One of these days, in fact, I'll make it to Culver Boulevard in Culver City and actually go through with my year-long goal of hitting up the Tender Greens on that side of town.  Maybe.

Well, probably not.  When you've got deviled eggs and challah right next door, who wants lettuce?


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