How To Kill Time at Heathrow Airport

So, Heathrow is unlike most other airports I've frequented, in that they don't release gate information until about 45 minutes before each flight.  However, because Heathrow is an international hub and my flight was back to the states, I'd arrived hours ahead just to be sure I'd have plenty of time.

And I do mean plenty of time.  Stuck in the central concourse.  With nothing to do.  Hum dee dum.  Should you find yourself in this position, ladies and gentlemen, I have a little tip: 

Buy shoes.  

Preferably, pretty blue suede ones.  With an open toe and stiletto heels.  I picked up this lovely pair in the Kurt Geiger shop for less than ₤50 before grabbing some Starbucks and hotfooting it down to my gate.  Trust me, I forgot all about the delay ... and so will you. :)


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