Katsuya LA Live

My favorite Katsu-ya is most definitely the hole-in-the-wall original on Ventura in Studio City (I'm a purist), but I must admit, the Philippe Starck Katsuya collection, specifically the LA Live location, makes for a fabulous night out.  Especially after you've hit an event at the Staples Center or Nokia Theater.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of accompanying my darling girl Michelle to a live HBO comedy taping at Nokia.  Afterwards, hungry and thirsty, we scanned the many offerings in the LA Live square (like Wolfgang Puck) ... but couldn't get past the sleek white Starck decor, the elegant bar, nor the known quantity that is Katsuya sushi.  

Crispy rice spicy tuna, spicy albacore sashimi with crispy onions, baked crab hand rolls, and creamy rock shrimp tempura are required eating at any Katsuya (or Katsu-ya) locale.  But I must admit, while there may be nuances lost by not dining at one of the originals, the delight in the Katsuya franchise locations is most definitely the booze.  Yeah, I said it.

Burning Mandarin martini with floating Serrano chilies?  Hella yes.  A refreshing Kiwi Envy with Elderflower, gin and muddled kiwis?  SOLD.  And of course, there's nothing like a little molten chocolate lava cake to help the gin go down.  The original is better ... they use better ice cream ... but it's still great melty chocolate.

Bottom line, the convenience and quality of this particular Katsuya spot makes for a fantastic Saturday night.  Oh, and sharing the adventure with a gorgeous friend like Mish doesn't hurt either.  ;)


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