Kopparberg Cider ... Sparking Liquid Gold

I've never been a huge fan of cider here in the states — it can be tasty, but I'll usually order a dirty martini, a good scotch or a glass of red wine before I'd even consider ordering a cider.  Then I went to London.

Cloudberry, served at THE GEORGE INN, a pub frequented by Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.
In the UK, I discovered an outrageous cider ... more like sparkling liquid candy ... called Kopparberg.  It's Swedish, it's crisp, it's served iced cold (probably why it appeals, as I'm American), and it's unique in that its sweetness is refreshing and light, of the fruit  not treacly or cloying, which is my usual complaint with cider.  It's just ridiculous.  

"Damn you, tease!" I can hear you all say.  But no!  I'm not that cruel.  You can get it right here in the states.  While my favorite flavor was most definitely the Cloudberry (oh, sweet Cloudberry...), the Pear was remarkably delicious, and can be ordered easily via Half Time beverage company.  There's also Strawberry lime, which I never tried.  Perhaps one of you can give it a whirl and let me know what you think?


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