Nestlé + Girl Scout Cookies = Thin Mints Candy Bars

I am blessed with friends in high places.  One of my best, in fact, is close with someone in a ridiculously high position — one that comes with connections to Nestlé and the near-legendary Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars that are sweeping the blogosphere.  Specifically, the Nestlé Crunch Thin Mints Cookie Fun Bars. 

For those who think they are a myth, let me tell you, they are not.  They.  Are.  MAGICAL.

I was lucky enough to receive a pre-market box from friends Joel and Vance (God love you boys!) that nearly changed my life.  I mean, come on — Nestlé Crunch + Thin Mints + wafer cookies + dark chocolate crème = these cannot possibly fail.

And what's more?  They are elusive.  Rare.  I've only seen them for sale in limited quantities at Walgreens (there is actually a locator on the Nestlé Facebook page to help you find them), which only makes them that much more desirable ... and enviably delicious.  What do they taste like?  I offer you my own Facebook post upon realizing I was down to the last cookie in the box:

It's like Jesus rode a flying unicorn through a cloud of mint bliss and made crispy chocolate raindrops fall from the sky ... and I only have one left.

That's what they taste like.  Go to Walgreens or you'll regret it for the rest of your life.


medianoche at: July 12, 2012 at 9:13 PM said...

That looks AMAZING. I never knew that existed.. I have to track them down and try them now..

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