Sprinkles vs. Big Sugar

Look.  I'm not going to lie and say I don't worship the Sprinkles cupcake.  I do.  Frankly, no one does a chocolate cupcake better: Belgian.  Dark.  Awesome.  That said, I do believe sugar genius can be found beyond the Beverly Hills ATM (a true stroke of brilliance on the part of Candace Nelson and co.).

Yes, there are a bajillion cupcake shops around the globe thanks to Candace, many of them with yummy offerings.  But there is a simplicity and quality to Sprinkles that is like no other, keeping it tops in my book.

BIG SUGAR BAKESHOP: the Daily Special (chocolate cake with strawberries & cream filling & whipped cream frosting) and the Chococcino (chocolate cake with mocha icing).
That said, there is another player in the world of cupcakeries that I like equally, if not more, than Sprinkles ... and that is Big Sugar Bakeshop in Studio City, California.  Why the love?  Well, one observation of a Sprinkles cupcake is that it is, in itself, a meal.  Delicious, beloved, but kinda huge.  Lots of frosting.  It's indulgent.

Now, if it's possible for a cupcake to be both remarkably delicious and yet somehow not entirely guilt-laden, then it's true of a Big Sugar cupcake.  Smaller, with less frosting (and slightly less sweet), these cupcakes are light and airy ... like little sugary clouds that melt in your mouth.  I can eat two without feeling stuffed, and that's sort of amazing.  Their vanilla cupcake (and I'm not a vanilla girl) may be my favorite, simply due to its ... well ... simplicity.  It is perfection, not a production.

Do your own taste test.  See for yourself.  Mind you, I prefer a world with both Sprinkles and Big Sugar in it, but if I ever had to choose...  Oh, let's just not talk about that special hell.


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