Eva. Brunch. GO.

I'm a big fat liar.  In my very last post, I claim to have had the best fried chicken I've ever eaten at Laurel Hardware.  And yep, while Laurel's was amazing, this morning I had its superior ... with a side of Louisiana hot sauce, maple syrup, and brioche French toast (you know how I feel about French toast).  Oh, crap, I'm in trouble.

One of my most memorable dinners in recent years was at Eva Restaurant on Beverly Boulevard in WeHo — a rare occasion when the dollop of truffle foam on top of locally sourced filet was actually delicious, not pretentious.  So it came as no surprise when Eva was recommended to me as a top LA brunch spot, and my friend Sam was eager to try it with me.  Our thoughts?  Um ... we were there for three hours.

We sat at the bar and shared their incredible fried chicken, as well as their poached eggs served with red salmon, heirloom tomatoes and hollandaise, and washed it all down with a seasonal cocktail called the Ginger — a mix of bourbon, ginger, Italian bitters, lemon, and a bunch of other yumminess that made it so good we each ordered a second ... before the food came.

Our bartender, Ali, was fantastic.  Memorable, talented, friendly.  And chef/owner Mark Gold popped out of the kitchen long enough to tell us that he too adores the fried chicken, and thanked us for coming.  It's things like this, in a city crowded with good food, that make you determined to come back.  Well done.


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