Jar Steakhouse

Some things are just simple and good.  Like Jar on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, a retro-esque steakhouse owned and operated by chef Suzanne Tracht.  The space itself is the definition of simplistic — a mid-century modern enclave which borders on a shrine to brown paneling — but it's calming, and casually chic.  Honestly, I dig it.

As for the menu, the wine list is excellent.  I had a 2011 Altos Las Hormigas Malbec that drank like spicy silk.  God love Argentinian wines.  My filet was flawless.  Perfectly seasoned and rare, and it cut with my fork.  Sounds easy ... it's not.  Steakhouses fail at this constantly, and it's irritating given the usual prices.

Now, when it comes to steak, I can be a bit of a traditionalist.  Especially in a room that sort of makes me feel like I've accidentally fallen into the late '60s.  Creamed spinach, green peppercorn sauce.  Both were delicious.  Dining with my brother, whom I adore and can surprise me with his adventurousness, we decided to try the duck fried rice as our second side, in lieu of potatoes.

While he didn't adore it, I ... well ... did.  It was Asian and unctuous, and the duck fat gave it just enough body to let it stand up to the steak, yet not be greasy.  I ate the leftovers cold the next day.  That's a good bowl of rice.  A hit all around, and I can't wait to go back.


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