Off the Hook Brunch at CiCi's

That's right, I said off the hook.  On point.  Out of bounds.  Or, to quote myself instead of Guy Fieri, freakin' magical.  CiCi's Cafe in Tarzana, California is the first restaurant I've been to ... and I've been to many eateries ... that literally inspired me to write an email to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives begging them to get Guy out there immediately.

Why?  Check the menu.  Check their listing on Yelp, which had at last count 699 reviews and 358 photos (um, people don't take that many pictures of mediocre food).  Check that it's in the valley, when Angelenos are used to going downtown, to Beverly Hills or to West Hollywood for noteworthy grub.  It's unassuming.  It's accessible.  And they have unique, who-they-hell-thought-that-was-a-good-idea combinations like caramelized sweet corn and coconut pancakes and chocolate French toast with pistachios and strawberries.  It's just effing delicious.

Let's go back to the photos.  Each plate is enormous, ridiculous, impossible.  A mountain of beautiful food that was so clearly made with love and passion you can't help but order three different items off the menu because you can't narrow it down to one human portion (leftovers rule).  Okay, I was with my amazing friend Michelle, who's slender and stunning and eats like a longshoreman (I love you, Miche), but we still covered the table with enough food to feed 6.

Oh, and don't be sidetracked by the carbs.  The savory we shared — Cee's omelette, with turkey sun-dried tomato sausage, spinach, portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, boursin cheese and crispy potatoes — made me cry.  Eggs.  Made.  Me.  Cry.

Guy Fieri, if you or your team is reading this, get your ass to Tarzana.  Now.  We waited an hour to get a table (and it was worth every second), but I have a feeling they'll make an exception for you.  Oh, and you're welcome.


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