Zombies and Fake Eyelashes

I love two things equally: getting dirty and cleaning up.  Oh, and I love zombies.  Who doesn't love zombies?  The walking dead apocalypse is coming, peeps, and when the bullets run out, the only survivors will be those who can out run.

I got in some serious training this past Saturday at the Run For Your Lives Zombie 5K in Temecula, California — one part race, one part obstacle course, one part protecting your brains from the clutches of rabid zombies, and all parts adrenalin rush awesome.

This is a shot of my exhausted self after outmaneuvering hundreds of brain eaters while racing through mud pits, under electrocuted wires, up man-made towers and through pools of foul, filthy zombie guts and dirty water (that red flag meant I survived with my life, by the way). And oh, girls ... don't be afraid of dirt.  There's a reason boys have so much damned fun in it.

I was primed and ready for this session of fit fierceness after my previous Saturday, where I reveled in being the anti-tomboy.  All makeup and high heels and glamour, I wore amazing fake eyelashes for the very first time as my exceptionally talented friend Stephanie christened her new studio and photographed me for Full Metal Fabulous.

Her philosophy at Simpson Portraits is that all women are beautiful, and just as a pursuing zombie brought the survivalist badass out of me, Stephanie found my innate glamour girl and made me feel undeniably feminine.  She's truly gifted, and that day was an equally remarkable blast.

This is why it's so awesome being a girl.  Full Metal and Fabulous.  Why choose?


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