Cool Comfort Food @ Kitchen 24

It's been awhile since my last post, largely because life has been chaotic.  New job, new home, and a move — I confess my little obsession suffered under the pressure of real life obligations.

However, this new reality also brings me back to an old favorite, which is now, after my move to West Hollywood, a new luxury: Kitchen 24, which I first experienced at a ridiculous hour after a night out in Gay WeHo with some of my fabulous boys.

Now just minutes away, I have become addicted to their lazy, casual Sundays with bottomless mimosas, spicy tomato soup, bacon avocado sandwiches and sweet potato fries.  Much of their food is classic diner fare, but with a spin and a quality that makes it a must-have.

Kevin, one of my boys and a no big fan of sweet potato fries, surprisingly ate nearly my entire cone of them on our recent lunch (which is fair, since he put my kitchen table together).  I'm a fan of saying it doesn't need to be unique to be amazing, and most of K24 fits this bill.

Um ... but then there are the desserts.  Ridiculous.  They change, and there are secret desserts, like their "special shake," a vanilla milk shake with one of their signature cupcakes blended into the ice cream.  Heartstopping (literally).  My favorite, though, is probably the Reese's chocolate cake Kevin and I devoured after about 17 mimosas ... a frothy mix of peanut butter icing, chocolate cake, and a strategic smattering of various Reese's candies.  Remarkably, light and not too sweet.  Just delicious.

I'm thrilled to be in one of my favorite eatery neighborhoods in all of LA, so I promise ... I'll try not to disappear again.  Welcome back to gluttony! :)


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