Being a Stiletto Gal

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Hillary Gadsby of Stiletto Gal, a company that approaches female entrepreneurship from the perspective of a girl's well worn, hard working, always stylish stilettos.  Clearly the two of us would become fast friends.

Hillary approached me to talk about my own experience as a fierce female entrepreneur equally enamored of my footwear, and invited me to do so on camera, for the first episode of a television series based on her company.  As I taught Hillary the basics in the fantastic, brilliantly appointed training facility Covered 6 in Los Angeles, we discussed the things that drew me to firearms.

Empowerment.  Skill.  Precision.  Dedication.  Awareness.  Focus.  All key tools for life and business.  It was an eye-opening, incredibly rewarding opportunity for both of us, and I am crazy excited to see what the finish product looks like when it all comes together.

Of course, then we got outdoors and my inner badass came out to play.  In four inch heels, natch.

Zombies Are Hotties Too

I love guns.  And bacon.  And stilettos. You all know this.

Well, what you might not know is that I am obsessed with zombies.  So much so that I joined the Run For Your Lives Zombie 5K in SoCal for the second year in a row ... only this time, instead of being chased by the walking dead, I became the walking dead.

In the black of night, on a remote bike race track in San Bernadino, California, I lumbered after, scared, and chased hundreds of bewildered, exhausted, muddy runners in pursuit of one of their three red flags, representing each runner's life.  The goal?  Get the flags.  Eat their brains.

Naturally, my friend Katie and I decided that as an added distraction, we'd dress as hot nurse zombies.  Who's going expect a chase from a girl in a skimpy nurse costume?  I love being underestimated.

By the way, our little plan worked.  In fact, we were such a hit we were doing photo ops for most of the day ... and night.  We even wound up on Instagram after braving a meal at In & Out still in-costume.  

Who says girlie girls can't have badass, crazy, messed up, ridiculous hobbies? 

Hot Girl, Hot Guns, Hot Voice

If you haven't seen this white hot video by the retro, velvet-voiced Mayer Hawthorne, a slick, playful homage to Mr. & Mrs. Smith (and probably my alternate life) ... you're welcome.

Girl Power & Gun Powder

When you're good at something, you kinda want to do it all the time.  This is why I shoot as often as I do — because before my good friend Tim introduced me to rifles, ranges and the all-magical Glock 19, I'd had no idea I had this skill.  I'm making up for lost time.

Now, I'm always eager to see what happens when I take a girlfriend to shoot for the first time.  Usually, they're both intimidated and exhilarated ... and a little freaked. Not going to lie.  But almost unilaterally, these girlfriends not only perform well on their first outing, they exceed expectations.  Not mine, but their own — and those of the all-male range staff (I secretly cherish these moments).  So delicious.

I recently took my friend Erin to the LA Gun Club, after a particularly emotional week, a bad breakup, and with the need to destroy something.  Some might not consider a gun range the wisest choice in this situation, but I knew that after an hour with me, she would be zen calm, focused, and feel not only accomplished, but stronger than she'd given herself credit for.  Powerful.  And that's exactly what happened.

This photo is Erin's very first target, having never shot a gun before — and what's more, this petite girl handled my Glock 19 as though she were military.  Just like I taught her.

How can you not love this hobby?! :)

My Shaky Alibi

This past weekend I made a fabulous culinary discovery with my dear friend Jessica, based on an episode of Throwdown With Bobby Flay.  In that episode, Bobby was bested by a champion liege waffle maker, leading Jessica to seek and find Shaky Alibi — a local coffee bar and wafflerie in West Hollywood.

That the hell is a liege waffle, you ask?  Um, it's freakin' amazing, that's what it is.  To get a little more technical, it's a waffle made from yeast dough rather than batter, coated with Belgian pearl sugar, making it  dense and chewy on the inside, caramelized and crunchy on the outside.

We had ours two ways: sweet, with strawberries and preserves (they do not require syrup), and savory, with cheddar and bacon ... and Louisiana hot sauce.  Naturally, I flipped for the juxtaposed flavors of pearl sugar and salty bacon, and the kick of heat put the whole thing over the top.

Overall, the place is warm and friendly, with a charming staff and owner — the kind of place you hit often on weekends to grab a coffee, sit with friends, and otherwise relax.  If you're from LA or just visiting, you won't find good liege waffles many places.  A must try for locals and tourists alike.

Don't Call It a Donut

Only in LA can you find a bakery that makes healthy faux-donuts that are still delicious, cravable, and trek-worthy.  Why?  Because LA houses the movie industry, which is all about illusion.  The prettiest people in the world live here, but just because they're obsessed with fitness doesn't mean they like bacon or mac and cheese any less (California is the birthplace of McDonald's, peeps).  It just means they'll work a little harder to attempt having the best of both worlds.

Sometimes these Angelenos fail (um ... vegan hot dogs).  But sometimes, oh sweet lord, they are triumphant.  The owners of fōnuts on 3rd Street in Los Angeles belong to the latter group.  According to their website:

[Fō•nut] n. - A doughnut that is baked and/or steamed, never fried.

With flavors like Blueberry Earl Grey and Maple Bacon, they are truly players in the bakery game.  And with a charming, open California shop that serves Fresh • Hot donuts (or doughtnuts, if you prefer) until 10pm, the experience is both inviting and surprisingly satisfying.  No, these aren't Randy's Donuts (my whole-planet favorite) nor even Dunkin' Donuts.  But they do make healthy taste terrific.

Go get in line.  You're welcome.

Guns + Stark = Innovative Illumination

Philippe Stark is awesome for so many slick, modern, stylish reasons, but anyone who can blend my loves for interior design and guns into one classy magical creation is a true genius.  Personally, I'm leaning towards the handgun table lamp.  Or the rifle.  Or ... the ... um, all of them.

These Chrome Gun Lamps by Philippe Stark, available from Plunder Guide, are not cheap, but then, awesome rarely ever is. I'm sooo going broke.

Run For Your Lives! (With Me)

The last few months have been full of upheaval, change ... and very few blog posts.  End of one job.  Beginning of another.  A huge move.  But sadly, little time for adrenalin.  No guns, no sweat ... yet lots of continued bacon and cocktails!  While this last fact is awesome, it also isn't making me feel very fabulous.  There has been no balance ... and without balance, we fall over.

Well, folks ... that changes now.  Drastically.  It's two-thousand-freakin-thirteen and I'm taking a bite out of it.  LITERALLY.

I've just signed up for the 2013 So-Cal Zombie 5K Race.  If you read my blog you'll remember I did this mud-run-meets-post-apocalyptic-obstacle-course last October with my dear friends Katie and Keri.  We got all dressed up in cute pink sparkly headbands, tied a flag belt around our waists, and then willingly sprinted three miles being chased by bloody zombies, hiking through mud, crawling under electrified wires in ice cold muck, and otherwise running for our lives.  We were Team Tastes Like Chicken.  And we lived (well, two of us did). 

But this year, I've signed up to be a runner ... and a zombie.  Think pink sparkly headbands snapped and shredded and covered in guts.  There will be photos, I promise.

Check out the Run For Your Lives video above and tell me it doesn't look amazeballs.  Sick, but amazeballs.  

Balance. ;)
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