Run For Your Lives! (With Me)

The last few months have been full of upheaval, change ... and very few blog posts.  End of one job.  Beginning of another.  A huge move.  But sadly, little time for adrenalin.  No guns, no sweat ... yet lots of continued bacon and cocktails!  While this last fact is awesome, it also isn't making me feel very fabulous.  There has been no balance ... and without balance, we fall over.

Well, folks ... that changes now.  Drastically.  It's two-thousand-freakin-thirteen and I'm taking a bite out of it.  LITERALLY.

I've just signed up for the 2013 So-Cal Zombie 5K Race.  If you read my blog you'll remember I did this mud-run-meets-post-apocalyptic-obstacle-course last October with my dear friends Katie and Keri.  We got all dressed up in cute pink sparkly headbands, tied a flag belt around our waists, and then willingly sprinted three miles being chased by bloody zombies, hiking through mud, crawling under electrified wires in ice cold muck, and otherwise running for our lives.  We were Team Tastes Like Chicken.  And we lived (well, two of us did). 

But this year, I've signed up to be a runner ... and a zombie.  Think pink sparkly headbands snapped and shredded and covered in guts.  There will be photos, I promise.

Check out the Run For Your Lives video above and tell me it doesn't look amazeballs.  Sick, but amazeballs.  

Balance. ;)
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