Don't Call It a Donut

Only in LA can you find a bakery that makes healthy faux-donuts that are still delicious, cravable, and trek-worthy.  Why?  Because LA houses the movie industry, which is all about illusion.  The prettiest people in the world live here, but just because they're obsessed with fitness doesn't mean they like bacon or mac and cheese any less (California is the birthplace of McDonald's, peeps).  It just means they'll work a little harder to attempt having the best of both worlds.

Sometimes these Angelenos fail (um ... vegan hot dogs).  But sometimes, oh sweet lord, they are triumphant.  The owners of fōnuts on 3rd Street in Los Angeles belong to the latter group.  According to their website:

[Fō•nut] n. - A doughnut that is baked and/or steamed, never fried.

With flavors like Blueberry Earl Grey and Maple Bacon, they are truly players in the bakery game.  And with a charming, open California shop that serves Fresh • Hot donuts (or doughtnuts, if you prefer) until 10pm, the experience is both inviting and surprisingly satisfying.  No, these aren't Randy's Donuts (my whole-planet favorite) nor even Dunkin' Donuts.  But they do make healthy taste terrific.

Go get in line.  You're welcome.

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