Girl Power & Gun Powder

When you're good at something, you kinda want to do it all the time.  This is why I shoot as often as I do — because before my good friend Tim introduced me to rifles, ranges and the all-magical Glock 19, I'd had no idea I had this skill.  I'm making up for lost time.

Now, I'm always eager to see what happens when I take a girlfriend to shoot for the first time.  Usually, they're both intimidated and exhilarated ... and a little freaked. Not going to lie.  But almost unilaterally, these girlfriends not only perform well on their first outing, they exceed expectations.  Not mine, but their own — and those of the all-male range staff (I secretly cherish these moments).  So delicious.

I recently took my friend Erin to the LA Gun Club, after a particularly emotional week, a bad breakup, and with the need to destroy something.  Some might not consider a gun range the wisest choice in this situation, but I knew that after an hour with me, she would be zen calm, focused, and feel not only accomplished, but stronger than she'd given herself credit for.  Powerful.  And that's exactly what happened.

This photo is Erin's very first target, having never shot a gun before — and what's more, this petite girl handled my Glock 19 as though she were military.  Just like I taught her.

How can you not love this hobby?! :)
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