Being a Stiletto Gal

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Hillary Gadsby of Stiletto Gal, a company that approaches female entrepreneurship from the perspective of a girl's well worn, hard working, always stylish stilettos.  Clearly the two of us would become fast friends.

Hillary approached me to talk about my own experience as a fierce female entrepreneur equally enamored of my footwear, and invited me to do so on camera, for the first episode of a television series based on her company.  As I taught Hillary the basics in the fantastic, brilliantly appointed training facility Covered 6 in Los Angeles, we discussed the things that drew me to firearms.

Empowerment.  Skill.  Precision.  Dedication.  Awareness.  Focus.  All key tools for life and business.  It was an eye-opening, incredibly rewarding opportunity for both of us, and I am crazy excited to see what the finish product looks like when it all comes together.

Of course, then we got outdoors and my inner badass came out to play.  In four inch heels, natch.
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