I'm Marleine Pacilio.

I live in the fire-bright city of Los Angeles, which I happen to think is entirely underrated for its unparalleled fabulousness.  Living here affords me not only perfect weather and the ability to wear open-toed heels year-round (awesome), but also the ability to indulge effortlessly in my three most favorite things: shooting, eating, and shopping.  Take that, New York City, with your crap gun laws.

But wait!  I grew up outside New York, fashion and food capital of the planet.  In reality, there's nowhere I'd rather be when I'm not dodging celebrities, trying to remember what the rain looks like or playing out marine sniper fantasies here in LA.  Torn between two lovers...

In short, I'm a fashionista foodie trained to shoot like a Navy SEAL.  I'm also a writer, a tech geek, a dog lover, a CrossFit freak, a chef, a movie buff, and a fly-by-night graphic designer.  I run my own company, have an inexplicable fear of fish, am addicted to Instagram, will eat anything that has jalapenos in it, and generally don't get enough sleep.

Try putting me in a box.  Good luck.